Roses for every occasion

Roses are probably one of the most special flowers. Traditionally they are difficult to grow as they succumb to many diseases and moulds. As a result they should be relatively scarce and expensive. However Murambi Roses has changed all that by cultivating a large supply of fresh cut roses at reasonable rates in controlled conditions a mere 30 km from East London.

At Murambi we have roses for every occasion. Our many varietals provide you with a great variety of colour choices. Of course we have learnt from Victorian times that giving roses of different colours has meaning.

In summary the following beliefs are prevalent amongst rose givers:

– Red roses represent love, passion, physical courage, excitement, warmth and energy.

– Pink roses represent happiness, tranquility, femininity, love and sexuality.

– Yellow roses represent friendship, optimism, emotional strength and creativity.

– White roses represent innocent and purity, sophistication, efficiency and simplicity.

The giving of roses as gifts has a long history. Roses represent emotions and a gift of roses is always appreciated by the receiver. Roses have come to be an expression of the givers emotions. A symbol of love and caring.

Give a gift of love today!

Contact Murambi now and they will deliver your flower arrangement for free in East London.